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Campaign Guidelines and Standards: Superhero Form.

The heroes are high school students (go teenagers!) who have been granted power by the spirits through tragic events.

The following construction guidelines are in effect: Total points, skills, and skill levels are lower than with adult characters. Most powers are purchased with plenty of limitations. Power frameworks are less common than with their adult counterparts.

Total CP Complications
250 60
CHAR SPD CV DC Active Points Real Points Skill Points Skill Roll Def/rDef
30 5 8 10 60 20 30 12 12 6

Since all powers come from the spirits, characters need one of the following overall limitations: All characters need (1) a method to call upon the spirits, (2) an object in which the spirits resides, or (3) times and conditions when the spirits arrive. This places the superheroic abilities into a multiform which can only be accessed under certain circumstances.

Additionally, characters have a special ability which can only be accessed when in their personal comic series; it remains hidden in all other comic series including the team comic: George Washington High.

Campaign Guidelines and Standards: Student Form.

The character’s school student identity is crafted around the idea that these kids will one day become competent adults. Thus it is expected that they have similar issues that their spirit-powered alter egos have in relation to adults.

Total CP Complications
75 25
CHAR SPD CV DC Active Points Real Points Skill Points Skill Roll Def/rDef
15 3 4 6 30 7 20 11 8 4

In addition to the character criteria above, all spirit-powered teens must buy the following “package deal”:

12 Multiform: Super Ego: 250 points [Charges: 4 times per day (-1); Focus: obvious inaccessible (-1/2); Incantation: ‘Calling upon the spirits’ (-1/4); Limited Power: Must be on good terms with the spirit(s) (-1/4); Reversion (-1/2)] 0 END


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