George Washington High

Muscle Puma #1 (2)

Cat's Out of the Bag

Lion Around the Zoo.

Back at the museum, the Vorpal Mask opened a hole, fell into it, and closed it over the top of himself. Worse yet, he took the [[museum’s meteorite]] with him! Days have passed without indication of what that masked man is after.

Top Panel (Across Both Pages). External. San Augustine Zoo’s “Into Africa” Exhibit. Daytime.
The class of Homeroom E 14 B is at a park that is an arboretum with animals instead of trees. Fe’eckisla, Gre’edic is running between the exhibits of various African cats.

Side Panel.
A man pulls a metal mask out of a backpack. He puts the mask over his face. In that instant, he becomes the … Vorpal Mask!

“Beware the jaws that bite, the claws that catch!” the mask yells in the language of the Outlands.

Then the Vorpal Mask runs and jumps into the lion’s exhibit.

Side Panel.
Colored sands flow from beneath shirts to cover the hands and faces of the wearers. In a moment they are covered in the sand masks depicting the cat-god of battlegrounds. They rush to keep anyone from interfering with the Vorpal Mask.

Main Panel (Across Both Pages).
Phase 12!


PolarSleuth PolarSleuth

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