George Washington High

Muscle Puma #1

Cat Out of the Bag

Trouble in the Halls of Time.

Splash Page. Interior. Museum of Natural History. Day.

Skeletons of giant wingless dragons tower over the chamber. Winged hatchlings with their wings opened wide bank and glide against the ceiling. Skeletons of massive, impossible creatures poke out of the side galleries. Alarms blare. And, a man — wearing a metal mask depicting the cat god of slicing — runs between the dragon’s feet.

In the language of the Outlands, the metal mask growls, “Beware the jaws that bite, the claws that catch!”

The masked man’s fingers cut through the wingless dragon’s leg bones, and the mass of bones begins falling upon the classmates of Room East 14B.

In English, the masked man yells, “You shall not catch the Vorpal Mask!”

Metal gates clang as they fall across the doors trapping everyone in with the falling bones.

Phase 12!


PolarSleuth PolarSleuth

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