George Washington High

George Washington High #1

Turf Monsters of the Gridiron

Gridiron Skirmish

Splash Page. Exterior. George Washington High School Football Practice Field C. Night.

The eight-story bulk of the central dormitory wing speckled with room lights blocks out the stars and looms over the yellow goal posts. Monsters formed of roots have ripped up through the TruTurf of the freshmen practice field surrounding the boys of dorm room 2C114 – Quin Ainsworth, Gre’edic “Gray” Fe’eckisla, Henrique Mata, Julio Ramirez, Andrew Reynolds, Alec Savidge, Stass Willemse, and Myung Woo – and their room monitor. With the shaking of the ground, the monstrous creations rip one leg free of the ground to shift forward and force their wiggling mass of roots back into the ground. They take one more step towards the surprised boys.

Phase 12!


PolarSleuth PolarSleuth

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